Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

We are planning on setting up a course in the Durham area for talented people like you to complete a level 4 teaching qualification, to teach in any subject area area you like. Following this course, you will be qualified to teach in private training companies and teach over 16’s in schools and colleges. We can also put you through your Assessors award at the same time. This will be funded by a learner loan, however you only need to pay the costs back to the government if you earn over £21,000 a year and anyone over the age of 24 is eligible. We’re looking to get a group of people together who have thought about teaching/training and would like to give it a go You’re guaranteed a right laugh, as well as gaining a qualification and perhaps a new career, but we need to know who may be interested before we set this up. Please contact me at oracletrainingsolutions@outlook.com  and I’ll be in touch with further information. What have you got to lose!!!  www.oracletrainingsolutions.co.uk

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