Apps For Students and Apprentices

Apps For Students and Apprentices

Whether you’re studying for your GCSEs, your A-Levels or your apprenticeship, there are a few apps you need to help you with your workload, managing your schedule and revising for your exams.

1. Calendar – essential. It’s up to you whether you download a calendar app or use the general calendar on your phone, but you definitely need one in some form. This will allow you to schedule all your classes, tests and deadlines – and some relaxation time too, of course – to help you prioritise your workload and ensure you never miss anything (notifications enabled usually helps with that).

2. Mathway – this may not apply to everyone, but for those studying any subject at GCSE or A-Level with a Maths element, or are enrolled in an apprenticeship such as Engineering or Accountancy, this will make your life MUCH easier. You can input your problems for the app to solve either by typing them in, speaking them or taking a picture.   

3. Any.Do – an addition to calendar or an alternative. The Any.Do app can sync your calendar to input any tasks or deadlines you’ve already added to it or you can add your own for a range of activities such as call / meeting someone, clean, pay, study and many more. Another feature is Any.Do will sort the shopping lists you input by aisle which could be useful for any student or apprentice with their own home.

4. Quizlet – perfect for pretty much all subjects. This can be used for any GCSE / A-Level subject or for the theory element and modules of apprenticeships – either way the flashcards will come in handy for learning anything.

5. HabitNow – a similar app to calendar and Any.Do but as the name suggests it organises your habits as well as tasks. This can be supportive in quitting bad habits or adopting new habits such as daily exercise, allotting study time each day or any other habit you promised yourself you’d take on this year. Overall creating a better routine for you to benefit your studies, mental health and physical health, alongside any tasks you add which you can categorise, add due dates and add priority levels.

Now you’ve finished reading this blog, you can go straight to the app store and download one or two (or all) of these apps and hopefully they’ll be helpful to you in your studies.

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Apprenticeship Progression Options

Apprenticeship Progression Options

There are many options available once you have completed an apprenticeship. Whether you choose to stay on in employment, take your studies further, or seek different employment.

1. Your Apprenticeship Could Become A Permanent Position

Many apprentices are taken on as full-time employees after completing the apprenticeship within the organisation that they worked for. This is because the employer will know what skills and qualities the apprentice brings to the table and also the apprentice will have all the training that is required for the specific job role. 

Of course this isn’t the case for everyone but over 84% of employers take apprentices onto full time employment after completing their apprenticeship which is a massive amount. Many apprentices that are kept on progress to higher positions within the company.

2. Progress Onto A Higher Apprenticeship

Once the apprentice has completed their apprenticeship, they may have the opportunity to progress onto a higher apprenticeship. This will give the apprentice a chance to widen their skills and gain more qualifications in their chosen area of study. Higher apprenticeships make the apprentice more valuable to their employer as they will be learning more and expanding their knowledge on their chosen area of study which they can then apply to their work.

To progress onto a higher level apprenticeship is completely the apprentices decision if they want to do that, so if the apprentice decides that their chosen area of study is a topic they don’t want to do anymore, they can decide to not do it at a higher level.

3. Branch out to further employment

Some apprentices may decide that they don’t want to stay on with the company they completed their apprenticeship with and decide to branch out to further employment. Apprenticeships give valuable experience of a working environment and give apprentices skills that employers look for.

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