6 Daily Habits To Boost Productivity From Home

6 Daily Habits To Boost Productivity From Home

19th November 2020

Working from home is now the new normal and with Zoom calls it can feel like you’re back in the office, but it’s possible that we’re still not doing it right.

1. Plan your day

It sounds basic and it’s natural to go completely off course when another task comes up but giving each day a rough plan will improve your motivation (especially if it’s a list and you have a highlighter handy) and organise your thoughts. Make this the last thing you do the night before so you can begin the next day with a clear mind of what you’re going to do and when.

2. Set and stick to your goals

Distractions are inevitable in any workspace and when you’re working from home, they’re often multiplied but they needn’t interfere completely. Setting yourself goals, both short-term and mid-term, will give you something to work towards whether that be having a project completed by a certain time or getting on top of debt, you’re certain to feel more driven. It’s also important to revisit these regularly, writing them down and never seeing them again is often less effective and can have the opposite effect when you find them and see goals you set that you never stuck to. 

3. Have a dedicated workspace

Not always possible but if you can find one place where your work belongs instead of letting it drift into every room and all your hobbies then I’d highly recommend it. This dedicated workspace also means there’s no need to pack up at the end of the day and it can be left as you need it for the next day but also for the sake of your sanity it means you can close the door on it to separate it from your day to day life.

4. Clear your inbox

A 10 minute task but extremely worthwhile, clearing your inbox throughout the day can be that small break you need to feel a lot more in control and organised before there’s an overwhelming flood of emails you need to go through. Not only that, but also this small task will ensure emails don’t get missed.

5. Track your time

Tracking your time is something that, when you keep on top of it, it pays off in the end as you’ll be able to see where your time is really going, how long you’re spending on tasks and allowing you to question how efficient your work is when you spend 2 hours straight on one thing. Simply jotting down the time when you start and end any activity then revisiting this at the end of the day (just before you plan your next day, of course) enables you to analyse how successful your day has been.

6. Take breaks

Saving the most important for last, it’s easy when you’re working from home to start a little later but more than make up for it by not switching the computer off till 8pm. Taking small but regular breaks throughout your day will stop the stress from building up whilst improving the work you’re doing when you’re back at your desk.

Adopting even just one or two of these can make a big difference and change your usual workday to a much more productive one.

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