Dan’s First Week as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Dan’s First Week as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

With Graphic Design being my passion, I’ve always wanted to do something as creative as Digital Marketing, being an Apprentice was also an added bonus! It gave me the opportunity to learn new skills, hone in my existing skills, whilst learning about how a work environment would be like – all at once because, well, I’m working in a work environment. So far, me and my fellow apprentices have been redesigning the Oracle Website, and we have begun work on Oracle’s Twitter, and other social media, creating and posting content as well!

To get started, we looked at other training provider websites and social media accounts for inspiration and examples to use ourselves; to get a general feel for how other companies had designed and portrayed themselves – so we could see what works and what doesn’t for them, and apply it to ourselves and fix what doesn’t work too. Once we had that all figured out, we began planning and making concepts to use for our own website and twitter content, after three concepts for each, we settled and began actually making what we had planned. We remade the website a page at a time, improving the accessibility, consistency and general visual improvements, at the same time we improved the twitter logo and designed a banner, followed up by infographics to post on there as well. Once we had a design down, we just followed suit on the website and other items that needed to be made. 

For the infographics, we researched different statistics and facts, mainly focusing on the Learners and Apprentices Survey (2018) as a source, but we also used other places and the Government website. Having these sources would make the infographics even more reliable and hopefully people would pay more attention to them, with them being accurate. Researching what the other training providers were posting also helped in seeing what we should post and make, influencing our own content and helping to see what people were interested in. We also had a look at what hashtags were used in context of these accounts and what we should use, we settled on using #TheFutureIsYours as our own unique one, followed by #OTS for our company name and #Apprenticeship and #Traineeship to help twitter traffic see these posts, alternating between which the post was about.

Currently, we’re just adding the finishing touches to the website, and designing content to post on twitter, not to mention starting to spread out to more social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. Who knows what’s next in store for us, and I can’t wait to find out and see what I can design next!

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