Lewis’ First Week as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Lewis’ First Week as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

My first week here at Oracle Training Solutions as one of the new digital marketers is over and has gone by so fast. I am writing this blog to hopefully give you an insight into what my first week was like starting my digital marketing apprenticeship.

– Why I chose to do an apprenticeship

During my time at school the two subjects that I enjoyed and was most passionate about were Media and Business studies. These were the two subjects that I excelled in the most and achieved my highest grades. Because of this I instantly knew that I wanted a career that had aspects of these two subjects. Before I started my digital marketing apprenticeship I had just started sixth form in which I studied Media, Business and Psychology. In less than a month of starting sixth form I automatically knew that it wasn’t for me and I wanted to start my career there and then, this led me to make the decision to look for apprenticeships and see what was about! Once I started looking I came across an apprenticeship to be a digital marketer. After doing a little bit of research I applied through the gov.uk website and was told to come in for a face to face interview. Within hours of finishing the interview I was told that I had been offered the role of a digital marketer for Oracle Training Solutions. It’s fair to say that I was over the moon.

– The activities that I was doing during my first week

To start off the week, naturally I was really nervous to see the new apprentices and be settled into a new work environment but within minutes of meeting everyone I was at ease and everyone was lovely to me. After doing a safety talk and knowing our whereabouts in the building, our first activity was safeguarding, where we identified different types of abuse either in the workplace or at home. We also did prevent training in which we learnt all about radicalisation and people vulnerable to abuse. 

On the second day we met our tutor who enrolled us into our apprenticeship which started with completing paperwork and a short english and maths test. Later that day we revamped our company’s twitter page, then wrote notes of what we want to achieve in the next few months on our twitter and what needs adding to it. After tweaking our page, we also started to look at other companies’ websites analysing the positives and negatives of each page. After viewing other websites we then started to produce concepts for our own website with features that we liked from others. By the end of the day we had started to finish one of our concepts.

The next day we carried on making concepts for our website. We were also changing the features of our twitter page by adding a short description of our company in the bio and started to tweet and like a few posts! By the end of the day we had completed our second website design and managed to gain a few more twitter followers!

Thursday. On Thursday we started and finished our third website design. After finishing all three of our designs we gained feedback from our boss on each website concept. Then, after gaining feedback we then changed and redesigned each website in order for us to choose the most successful one and which one we thought was best to publish. Later that day we chose our favourite design but after hitting a roadblock we later found out that we were unable to publish the page through the website that we were using.

Finally, on Friday we had to start from scratch on our website designs using a new site that we were allowed to publish on. Although we had to start again we all knew the types of websites that we liked and we had an idea of what we wanted our new site to look like.

And just like that. My first week was over. 

– What I have enjoyed the most

Although getting the bus to and from work everyday is a nightmare, there is so much that I have enjoyed this week that it is impossible to choose one thing but I have definitely enjoyed getting to know everyone in the office and working with people that I have never met before. I also have really enjoyed getting to know so much more about designing and creating a website, this would have been something that I never would have done if I never left sixth form to get an apprenticeship!

– The skills that I have learnt so far

I feel like I have gained so many new skills in such a short period of time here at Oracle Training Solutions. For starters I am so much more knowledgeable about different types of software and how to use it. Also working in a team and brainstorming as a team is new to me and we have been doing that a lot this week talking about different website designs and how we want it to look. Furthermore I have also learnt that not everything works first time and patience is the key to learning.

– My advice to anyone thinking of getting an apprenticeship

The only piece of advice that I can give is, if you are currently in sixth form, college or whatever it may be and you are unhappy, look for an apprenticeship. Only choose an apprenticeship that you would find interesting and you know that you would really enjoy. Also if you are scared to make the jump to leave school or college, don’t be. Everyone has to leave school at some point in their life, so if you know that you don’t want to stay in school for another two years, why not make the jump and start your career now? 

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