Things NOT To Say In An Interview

Things NOT To Say During An Interview

– Have I got the job yet / So when do I start?

This will automatically send alarm bells in the interviewer’s head, this will make the interviewer find you very arrogant and cocky. You should never assume that you have the job until you are told that you have.

– When will I get a pay rise?

Asking for a pay rise is probably the rudest question that you can ask. You don’t even know if you have got the job yet so you haven’t even proven what you can do yet. The employer will automatically think that you only want the job for money and not because you are passionate about the role that you want.

– When will I get promoted / How soon do you promote employees?

Again, you haven’t proven yourself yet to the employer and you don’t even know if you have gotten the job. Also when you get promoted your salary will increase so it will make the interviewer question whether you’re even interested in working here or are you just wanting money.

– How much time do I get off?

Asking how much time you get off before you’ve even been offered the job will appear rude and may instantly put the interviewer off employing you. You should wait until you have been told that you have the job before you start asking questions about your time off.

– What does the company do?

If you don’t even know what the company does, you should not be at the interview. If you go into that interview room and ask “what does the company do” there is no chance that you are going to be offered the job. Employers always expect people to do their research on their company before coming to the interview.

– I didn’t like my last boss

Already complaining about your past employers may put off the employer that you are going to. This may make the interviewer question if you bad mouth them (the manager) if they employ you and may question whether you were difficult to manage in your past job.

– Sorry I’m late

It goes without saying, punctuality is key. Turning up late to an interview will make the employer believe that you may turn up to work late each day which will most likely result in the employer offering the job to someone else.

– I’ll just take this call

Your phone should always be turned off or put on silent before you get to an interview. The interviewer may think that you are being rude and more interested in what your friends say rather than what the employer is telling you. Which will instantly send alarm bells in the interviewers head.

– I don’t have any questions for you

You should always have questions prepared to ask the interviewer. By doing this it shows that you want to know more about the company and that you are really interested in getting this job. By not asking questions, this may make the interviewer think that you aren’t really interested in the company and what they offer. 

– I just want something temporary

Saying that you want something temporary to the interviewer will instantly put them off employing you as they will think that you’re not going to really take the job seriously and are going to leave at any chance that another opportunity comes along.

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