Which is better: Apprenticeship or College?

Which is better: Apprenticeship or College?

Most of you will be wondering if going to College or working as an Apprentice is the better option, as someone who’s done College and currently working as an Apprentice, let me weigh my opinion in. When I attended College, I made quite a few friends in my time of the course and had some great times, although the course itself became less and less enjoyable over time. However, in my first few weeks of my Apprenticeship, there may be less people, but I am enjoying it way more.

This Apprenticeship has been way more for me than the College course was, I feel it’s the right kind of challenging, and allows me to be more creative, designing the infographics for twitter, the web banner and all. Overall, I don’t regret taking the College course, as I wouldn’t have met some of my closest friends, but I prefer the Apprenticeship over the College by miles, if I had known, I would’ve picked Apprenticeship first. 

Everyone has their own experiences and preferences, hopefully this may help your decision, but after all, it’ll be different for everyone.

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