Why I Chose An Apprenticeship instead of Sixth Form

Why I Chose An Apprenticeship instead of Sixth Form

Here’s why I chose to do an apprenticeship rather than stay in sixth form. I’m writing this blog to try and help you decide what you want to do and whether sixth form or college really is for you.

1. Gaining experience that you wouldn’t get in school

Gaining experience at a young age will always come in handy for once you are older. The experiences that you get from an apprenticeship are so different to what you would get if you were still in sixth form or college. For starters you gain the experience of what it is like to work in a workplace environment from a young age. Secondly you learn a whole new range of skills from learning about different types of software to coding, everyday you learn something new. 

2. Earning money but still learning

Imagine getting paid and learning at the same time. Because this is the reality of taking an apprenticeship. Earning an income and learning at the same time is everyone’s ideal situation. Choosing to do an apprenticeship from a young age lets you gain money and in ways teaches you how to be responsible with how you spend your money not only for now but for your future. Whereas if you were in sixth form or college, you don’t earn an income unless you get a part time job, but a part-time job and education on top of that, that would be way too much pressure for one person to handle.

3. Opportunity to stay on after the apprenticeship ends

Having the opportunity to stay on at the company after your apprenticeship ends is a huge opportunity. Obviously this is not the case every time but with the experience that you gain during your time completing an apprenticeship you will have an advantage over those who stayed in school as you will already have experience working in a workplace environment and also have qualifications to back you up. Whereas people who stayed in school may have barely any qualifications and they will have no experience of a workplace environment which sets you above the rest.

4. Sixth form is not really beneficial if you’re not going to uni

If you’re not planning on going to uni then sixth form or college is really not for you, sixth form and college is typically for people that want to go to uni so they get the grades to do so. For me personally, I always knew that I didn’t want to go to university so staying on in sixth form wasn’t really beneficial to me when I could be getting qualifications and earning money elsewhere.

5. Securing your future

Choosing to stay in sixth form or college really does not secure your future in any way, shape or form. There is no guaranteed spot in the university that you want to go to, there is no guarantee that you pass all your exams and there is no guarantee of getting a job. Because of this you could end up settling for any job or university that you really didn’t want to get into but because that is your only option, you have to. Choosing an apprenticeship you already have an idea of what you want to do in the future and the opportunity to stay on after your apprenticeship ends which helps secure your future and give you an insight of what you want to do.

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