Famous Former Apprentices

Famous Former Apprentices

Ever heard a celebrity in an interview say they “just got lucky” or they “had connections” when asked the question “How did you become so successful” or “Where did you start”? Well, what many celebs could say is “I started with an apprenticeship”. 

So here’s a list of famous people we’ve all seen on TV or we’ve all bought from their major corporation and the apprenticeship they started with.

Ever heard of Elvis Presley, Ozzy Osbourne or Eric Clapton? While they all became famous musicians, each one of them began with an apprenticeship in a completely different area. Elvis started out as an apprentice electrician before pursuing his musical talents, Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath began as a toolmaker and Eric Clapton was designing stained glass windows before choosing to become a guitarist.

Similar to these, many other famous names completed an apprenticeship that was the complete opposite of what they made their fortune in; such as Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson who was an apprentice tool-worker or actor Sir Michael Caine who started his career as a plumbing apprentice.

Not all famous apprentices changed course so drastically of course, some even progressed through a sector and worked their way to the very top:

Stella McCartney – once an apprentice tailor in Savile Row, now a famous fashion designer.

John Frieda – first working as an apprentice hairdresser then becoming a hairstylist and founder of hair salons and a hair product business.

Ruth Badger – a successful businesswoman who completed a business administration apprenticeship at 16 which set her on the path to where she is now.

People used to associate apprenticeship careers with just construction, electrical and plumbing, then business administration, accountancy and management started getting more recognition however here at Oracle Training Solutions we offer even more. Apprenticeships in the digital sector such as a digital marketer, junior content producer or broadcast production assistant are available as well as the teaching and learning sector so you could become a learning mentor, teaching assistant and more. 

Find a full list of the apprenticeships we offer in various sectors and further role information here and you can employ the next Leonardo da Vinci (apprentice painter of course) or become the next David Beckham. 

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