Top 3 Jobs Without Uni Qualifications

Top 3 Jobs That Don’t Require Uni Qualifications

Even though university has fees and apprenticeships don’t, it’s assumed that university degrees ensure you the highest paying jobs however this isn’t the case. 

Here are three of the top jobs which don’t require a university degree and can be achieved by taking an apprenticeship instead.

1. Entrepreneur

Did you know…

Entrepreneurs need no university qualification to kickstart their career, instead this job is all about the motivation, perseverance and creative ideas.

Income will depend on the business’ success

Try a business apprenticeship to gain all these skills and more.

2. Training / Project Manager

Did you know…

Training managers administer training programs for employers by creating, presenting and monitoring while project manager’s key responsibilities are budgeting, overseeing, planning and documenting to ensure a project is successful.

Training Managers can earn £37,000

Project Managers can earn £40,000

Try a management apprenticeship for all these skills and more.

3. Sales Manager

Did you know…

Sales managers’ overall aim is leading teams to reach specific sales goals which requires no university degrees, instead IT skills and team leading skills.

Income can begin at £18,000 and can reach £100,000

Both customer service and digital apprenticeships can be the first step in gaining all of these skills.

Visit Oracle’s apprenticeship page here, and the Institute for Apprenticeships page for more information on the different sectors of apprenticeship on offer.

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