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Working From Home: My experience and other points

Some people out there would have had the luck to work from home, whether that was for the better or worse, it was a different experience for everyone. I’m here now to talk about my experiences. 

For me, it wasn’t that much of a bad time as some people had, in fact I rather enjoyed it, it was something I had not done before and gave me quite a bit of flexibility around work. With having a dog as well, being able to slightly adjust the time frame of work, I could easily keep track of her and work at the same time – if something happened I could work a bit longer than usual, with or without the dog’s interference.  

Not to mention as well, in my case, I have worked with Windows PCs most of my life, however in the office I work on an iMac, I have gotten used to it already, but I still make slip ups here and there. When I was working from home, I could use my own personal PC, which I do know all the tricks and shortcuts too, as well as already having useful programs installed to help. It was more ideal for me to work from home in that aspect, as my iMac in the office tends to throw a tantrum sometimes and shut itself off, whilst at home, my PC tends to run smoothly and any issues I come across I can usually deal with.

Not forgetting as well, as soon as you’ve finished up work for the day, you can just immediately do all the non related work stuff you’ve been wanting or needing to do, whether that be giving your dog a big walk, or running through some domains with some friends on your favourite game, all can be done quite quickly after quitting time, rather than when you’re in an office, you have to make your way back home from work, whether that be walking or getting the bus.

To top off on that as well, when you’re working from home, there’s no travel costs, you just have to get up and ready, and then you’re at work there’s no need to get up really early to travel to your job, if that’s the situation you find yourself in. You’ll get up, get ready and then you can start work immediately, not worrying about being late or too early, you can start right on time, unless something comes up and you start a little later, then you can finish a little later too and catch yourself up, like my first point it’s very flexible.

And who could forget, you’re at home too! Working from home means you’ll be working in the comfort of your own home as well, although this could be a double edged sword – meaning it could either help you concentrate or distract you more, I did sometimes find it hard to concentrate, but once I got going it was pretty easy to stay focused from there. 

However, whilst there may be many upsides to working from home, like many things, it has its downsides too, like the fact it’ll be only you working on your own, if you’re used to being around quite a few people working in an office, which can be quite jarring, instances like if you need to ask help on a specific thing, and there’s nobody about, you’d have to write an email to someone and then await a response, if you can’t google search it that is. The point being, it may take a while for a response back, the other person could be swamped with work or just doesn’t have the time at the moment to send anything.

Which also leads to another obstacle you could face, communication issues. Sometimes it’ll be easy to get in touch with the people you need to, sometimes it won’t be, and this can slow work down. Not to mention, whilst it can be easier to do meetings via teams or zooms, this can also have its own issues too, with users not having cameras or cameras malfunctioning, they’ll also lead to some difficulty communicating. And from the other side as well, sometimes things just happen out of your control and you can’t be there to answer emails or having to take a break and the likes, like a dog misbehaving or a windows update that decides to take a day (yeah that happened to me) 

So with us just coming out of lockdown three was it now? Some of us would have been working from home, and those people should have similar or completely different experiences to tell, lets just remember these things to try and improve on for the next time we have to work from home.

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