What Can I Do With My A-Levels

What Can I Do With My A-Levels

You might’ve already decided on the career you intend to pursue when you chose your A-Levels (or even your GCSEs) but have you considered whether you can take that route through apprenticeships? And if you didn’t know precisely what career you wanted to pursue before you took them and you’re nearing the end and you still don’t know exactly what you want to do, consider apprenticeships as well.

It’s commonly misunderstood that apprenticeships are only offered in subjects such as Construction & Engineering, Business, Accounting and such, but in fact there are several different options of careers within each sector.

Here are some of the A-Level subjects required for a variety of apprenticeships you might never have thought of:






Art / Media Studies

While many universities require a facilitating subject at A-Level such as a science, a foreign language or Maths, alongside multiple extracurricular activities, a flawless personal statement and sometimes more, a large amount of apprenticeships require English and Maths GCSEs at grades 9-4 and an interest in the subject you’re applying for. Doesn’t sound unreasonable, does it? Not only this, but that apprenticeship course could secure you a career you didn’t even realise you wanted (whilst getting paid) or guide you towards the various options available to you at the end of your course.

Check out the Apprenticeship Guide website for more information or in case your A-Level subject wasn’t listed above.

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