Apprenticeship Myths

Apprenticeship Myths

Here is a list of 5 myths about apprenticeships which you may have thought were true.

  • Apprenticeships are for people that can’t get into university

This myth is not true at all. Some people might just decide that university is not the career path that they want to take and decide that taking an apprenticeship is the way they want to go forward.

  • Apprenticeship qualifications are not highly recognised

There are different level qualifications in the apprenticeship scheme starting from intermediate all the way to degree level. No matter the level of apprenticeship you decide to take, they are all recognised.

Intermediate – Level 2 (GCSE equivalent)

Advanced – Level 3 (A-Level equivalent)

Higher – Level 4, 5, 6 and 7 (Foundation degree)

Degree – Level 6 and 7 (Masters equivalent)

  • I will get better job offers if I go to university

This is not always the case, a lot of employers now look for employees that have had experience, which is what you get when you take an apprenticeship, you get hands-on experience in a working environment, whereas with university you don’t get that experience which employers necessarily look for.

  • The employer will let me go after I finish my apprenticeship

Unfortunately this is the case sometimes but not always. Studies show that over 72% of employers keep their apprentices on as full-time staff after their apprenticeship ends which is a huge amount! This of course won’t happen for everyone but you will gain experience that other employers may look for.

  • Apprenticeships don’t pay enough money

The rate of pay will be different for everyone depending on the level of apprenticeship and your employer. However, the pay for apprentices is still rising! One of the benefits of being an apprentice is that you don’t have to pay for your training whereas if you go to university you will have to pay.

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