Management Routes with Oracle

Management Routes with Oracle

Oracle can offer you different routes into a management role, for example we have different apprenticeship positions to progress through as well as multiple training courses either as an introduction to management or to expand existing skills and knowledge. Our other apprenticeship sectors can also be an introductory point for management, for example to gain experience in a Digital or Finance role, then by completing a Management apprenticeship you can combine these skills and apply your previous experience in a team leader or project management position.


  • Operations Department Manager (30 months, Level 5)
  • Team Leader / Supervisor (12-18 months, Level 3)
  • Event Assistant (18 months, Level 3)

Training Courses

  • Level 3 Diploma in Management
  • Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management and Leadership
  • BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership

How do these benefit the learner?

– Improve communication skills with internal and external people

– Improve decision making skills which then improves efficiency throughout all projects

– Lower qualifications introduce you to leadership strategies, helping to develop a skill set useful for aspiring managers

– Learners develop a better understanding of change management and can therefore implement this with the least interruption on productivity

– Develops ability for personalised feedback as well as self-evaluation

How do these benefit the employer?

– Able to monitor your employees work to ensure they and the business are performing well

– Ensure the success of all projects completed within your business

– Give staff the opportunity to progress and develop through the company, increasing employee retention and gaining an employee with a stronger understanding of all working aspects of the business

– Positively impact company morale with additional qualifications for existing managers as they feel more secure in a position where the company invests in growth and development

– Implementing qualifications across different departments improves how these areas work together and therefore enhances business performance

For more information on our range of apprenticeships and details on each individual management qualification, visit the pages below or contact us with any questions you have.

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