Time Saving Tips

Time Saving Tips

Some of you reading may be having trouble with time management and concentration, well I’m here today to discuss some methods you can try yourself that’ll help with time saving.

Set Goals

Setting Goals for yourself on what tasks to do for the day can help you stay focused and can help you stay on top of what needs doing and what has been done. This can help save time because having everything set out in front of you set as goals, you can see what has been done, what’s currently being done and what has been done, saying the need for constant checking and double checking on progress.

Dividing up your Work

When taking on a project or task that can take up a day, it can seem demoralising, meaning you won’t put 100% of your effort in and slowing down your progress. Dividing up this big task into smaller tasks can make it seem like there’s less work to be done, and will help you keep track of everything – saving time in the process and won’t have a demoralising effect. 

Prioritise your Tasks

Whether you’ve split up your big project to smaller tasks or you already have many tasks to complete, you should prioritise which tasks should be completed first. Whether it’s the longest ones or the shortest ones first, or however order you would like, having an order of priority to your tasks helps everything run smoother and faster.

Deadlines on Tasks

Just like how prioritising your tasks can help out quite a bit, setting yourself deadlines on tasks can help you focus on completing said task – and completing it faster. However, for some it may add unneeded pressure onto themselves, for others that pressure might help them complete a task faster.


Whilst multitasking can be seen as a bad thing by a few, in some cases it can be beneficial. Say for example, one of the longer tasks you are doing has a part that a quicker task also needs. Once that part is done on the longer task, quickly doing the same part on the smaller task can complete both tasks faster and free up some time for the other tasks to complete.

Don’t Forget Breaks

Whilst in your mind, time saving might first stop at working, but don’t forget to add breaks to your schedule, and actually take them too. Doing so will stop you from tiring yourself out, keep you focused, and allow you to finish tasks faster from being refreshed.


With new apps and gadgets, there’s so many options to keep track of your time, from simple timers and alarms to calendars and timetables, using digital options can massively help with your time management. 

Removing Distractions

Whilst your phone may be great for keeping track of the time, you have to make sure you don’t get distracted and keep focused. Removing anything distracting from your work area can help you concentrate more, and allows you to finish tasks faster.

Prepare your Day

Preparing your day ahead of time can save you time, for example, whilst simple, preparing your clothes and items for the day on the previous night, will speed up your time on getting ready. The same logic can be applied to many different tasks.

Find your own Way

Whilst these are a few tips on how to help with time management and concentration, you will have to find out for yourself what works for you and what doesn’t, but I hope this helps you find that out.

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