Update on Digital Trends

Update on Digital Business Trends

Written as of 15:00 Wednesday, 18th May – by Daniel H.

 If you have a business that has digital elements, from social media to email campaigns, it’s probably best that you keep up to date with current changes and trends. Here, we’ll talk about three of the big trends in recent weeks.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

You’ve all probably heard by now that Elon Musk has entered a deal to purchase Twitter, what it means for the future of twitter on the other hand, is still up in the air. Elon Musk has stated some of his objectives for his twitter, he wanted to; crackdown on spam bots, relax content moderation and ending permanent bans to name a few.

However, as Elon Musk has recently requested more details on the number of fake accounts, he has announced that the Twitter deal ‘cannot move forward’ if the CEO cannot prove the ‘spam stats’.

Britain Removing Cookie Pop-ups

With leaving the EU, the UK has moved away from many EU laws, with mixed effects. One of these is GDPR, and the UK introducing its own version through the newly announced Data Reform Bill. Part of the Bill, being the removal of Cookie Pop-ups.

Whilst this may sound like some good news at first, it’s the opposite actually. Unless there is an announcement to how it will be done, for example setting what cookies to agree to in the browsers settings. At this moment, it means that websites would be able to take any data they want, without even notifying you or giving you the option to opt out (which is an option on most pop-ups). Furthermore, the idea of setting what cookies will be allowed and not could be a bit tricky, with different websites using cookies in different ways, there’s also a slight chance that companies could get around this method, not like there isn’t a chance already to be fair. 

For Businesses, there are claims that adding the Cookie Policy Pop-up to their website is ‘difficult’ and a ‘waste of time’, however with these new changes, businesses that have websites that still operate in the EU would still have to abide by EU regulations, including the Cookie Pop-up. Meaning that there are two options now, the first and the easiest, is that the business keeps the Pop-ups for all users, including British – or the second option where the business has two instances of the website, one for EU users and one for UK, which would be more difficult and tricky to do. Meaning even for businesses, there will be either no change or more work to be done, this is not that great of news for them either.

AirBnB and Working from Home

With Lockdowns due to COVID last couple of years, many companies that could began working remotely, some benefited from being able to have more freedom and flexibility that came with working from their homes, and some people did not see much benefit. With working from home in everyone’s minds still, some companies and ministers have been demanding the return to work, however many companies have become more relaxed and embraced the flexibility that working from home brings.

Last month, AirBnB CEO, Brian Chesky, has recently stated his views on working in an office, that it is “an anachronistic form from a pre-digital age”, and has made changes to the company to allow the staff to work from home without any pay repercussions, a stark contrast to many other businesses who have decided to punish their staff for working from home by reducing their pay, or demanding that they return to the office.

Apart from a small number of those whose presence is necessary to work, employees at AirBnB can work wherever suits their needs, for example if an employee wanted to move, as long as they do not leave the country, their pay is completely unaffected. It’s predicted now that many other companies, especially digital ones, will embrace and move towards a working from home model like AirBnB has done.

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