Update on Digital Trends 2

Update on Digital Business Trends

Written as of 14:35 Wednesday, 27th July – by Daniel H.

Following our last blog on updating you on recent digital trends, there have been some more interesting developments in digital business trends over the past few weeks. We’ll catch you up on some now.

Musk vs Twitter 

As we discussed in the last Digital Trends, Elon Musk was in the process of purchasing twitter. But at this current moment in time, Elon Musk had tried to back out and terminate the deal, but Twitter argues that the deal was already made – and is now taking Musk to court over the situation. Most recently the judge has agreed to Twitter’s proposed Trial date in October over Musk’s in February placing Musk as the underdog in this trial. The ruling has caused a jump in Twitter’s Stocks of 5%, from the drop of 22% when Musk announced his plan of terminating the deal.

Yell Closes Offices

With more and more companies switching to a hybrid or WFH work style, Yell joins the fray. The CEO of Yell, Jeremy Stoppelman, called Hybrid working ‘hell’ and has closed down some offices, allowing staff the permanent ability to work from home, Yell has even downsized their San Francisco Headquarters to convert to a ‘hotelling’ styled approach, meaning staff would reserve their desks in advance if they wished to work in the office. However, Stoppelman isn’t just making these policy changes because he wants to, company surveys have shown that 85% of the staff prefer to work from home most, if not all of the time – which has even increased their efficiency as well. 

Hiring Freeze

In less fortunate news, big tech companies like Apple, Google, Meta and Microsoft had been on a hiring ‘frenzy’ since the pandemic, and have recently decided to put their expansionism on pause. Apple has decided that in some areas, the hiring pace needs to be slowed, as well as Google who’ve announced a two week pause for all their new job offers, and only time will tell if the pause will actually last two weeks. Microsoft has also cut down many of its new job openings, and Meta has also warned its own employees that the company is facing a ‘downturn’.

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