Using Google Analytics To Achieve Business Goals

Using Google Analytics To Achieve Business Goals

Your first step in using Google Analytics is: asking the right questions. 

Asking the right questions means considering your business goals at all times. By doing this, you ensure that the metrics you track answer your questions directly, and that your future decisions are well-informed.

A question that will benefit all Google Analytics users is, what is my objective? When you’ve decided on your objective, or even multiple objectives, you know how to make Google Analytics work for you. Your objectives could be

  • Telling more people about your business
  • Selling more of your product / service
  • Identifying your most valuable customers
  • Finding new ways to engage with previous customers

To simplify the extensive reporting capabilities of Google Analytics, you can segment it into Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour and Conversions. And to understand which of these is useful to you at which stages, these can be defined as:

  • Audience – find out who they are
  • Acquisition – how did they find you
  • Behaviour – what are they doing on my website
  • Conversions – what are they worth to me

If you consider the customer journey in these four stages: Reach, Engage, Activate and Nurture, you know which questions to ask depending on how far you’ve progressed through your marketing campaign.

 What to askWhere to go
ReachHow are people finding me online? What are my target customers searching for?GA – Acquisition – All traffic – Channels report
EngageWhat are people engaging with once they find me online? Which of my online communications are people engaging with the most?GA – Behaviour – Site content – All pages
ActivateWhich channels are achieving my goals? What does this tell me about my customer?GA – Acquisition – All traffic – Channels
NurtureAre my customers talking about my business online? Do my customers buy from me repeatedly?GA – Conversions – Ecommerce – Custom reports

So, by understanding what you want to gain from Google Analytics, and knowing where you can find this information, you give yourself an advantage over your competitors because you really know your audience and how you’re performing.

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