Update on Digital Trends 4

Update on Digital Business Trends

Written as of 16:07 Thursday, 12th October – by Daniel H.

With our fourth instalment of ‘Update on Digital Business Trends’, we’ll be going over some of the recent trends in the past few weeks.

Monzo to Give Low-Pay Staff £1k

Monzo has joined a number of companies that are trying to provide for their staff during the cost of living crisis. The ‘challenger bank’ has recently implemented a policy that any employees earning under £40,000, will be paid an additional £1,000, although it’s not fully clear how many of their staff would be valid for it. 

Although this move, and the other moves made by other companies, have been questioned if the ‘one-off’ bonuses they’re giving is a good way to help their employees with the crisis. Some companies have failed in their attempts, for example, union workers at Rolls-Royce rejected an offer of a one off £2,000 bonus, as they said it didn’t meet what was needed to aid the workers. You can see where the argument comes from, as the cost of living crisis isn’t going to go away with just one bonus, higher wages are probably the better solution to the problem.

Musk-Twitter is Back

After some back and forth between Elon Musk and Twitter, Musk has decided on a U-turn, and is going to go ahead and continue the purchase of Twitter. His original stated goal for twitter was to ‘clean up’ the ‘bot’ accounts and ‘preserve free speech’ on the app, however attempted to back away from the deal because of the number of bot accounts- which Twitter sued him to continue the purchase.

Now Musk has stated that his purchase of Twitter is ‘an accelerant’ towards his new goal of ‘X’, an ‘everything app’ – a service that covers a broad range of different live services, from social media, to online chatting and gaming to e-commerce. His idea for ‘X’ is similar to the Chinese ‘everything app’ called WeChat, although, we don’t know if Musk plans to create new live services into ‘X’ or integrate already existing services. Creating a monopoly on live services may not be the best option either, especially under a controversial figure like Elon Musk.

The New Office Attire

Has working from home changed how you dress for work? Whilst workers in tech have had casual attire for a while, many employees since working from home have had a more relaxed attire compared to previously, not every company wants this to be the case. For most industries, casual attire would probably be preferred than suits and ties, however not every industry would be so willing or able.

Have you decided to dress more casually, or have you always dressed casually? Perhaps you do prefer suits and ties for work? Whatever the case, the landscape of the office attire is shifting to a more relaxed setting, and maybe it’s here to stay.

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