Guide To My Office Life

Guide To My Office Life

Wondering what office life is going to be like? Well, I can tell you what my office life has been like these few weeks! Our office is small and cosy, I work alongside two other apprentices, which you probably know already. A few characters come in and out to do their own work, but there’s consistently 4 people in the office, including me. Our office has a nice layout, we rearranged the layout ourselves to help with being able to communicate effectively, whilst adhering to social distancing. 

My day to day, here at the office, usually consists of checking over the Twitter for any updates, and then tweeting out something, from a statistic infographic I made to retweeting a motivational quote, to keep the account as active as possible, I then check any other accounts like the Facebook page, for example, for anything going on. We then see if the website requires any updates or fixes, once that is out of the way, I start designing some infographics that would be uploaded to Twitter, or any social media we use anyway. I have designed more than just the infographics too, I created the Twitter banner, made changes to the logo and designed the web banner on the website.  

The office layout now is a lot better than what it was, I’m much more of a fan of how it is now, before I was kind of on my own, facing the opposite way to the other apprentices, but now I have a corner slot parallel to the other desks, makes it so much easier to hear and communicate to them. When we rearranged the office, we came up with a few ideas and tried them out, some didn’t work but we found one that did, and we went for that one.

Everyone’s office experiences will be different, but you’ll get used to it and like it eventually, if you don’t already!

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