Who You Should Be Following During Covid

Who You Should Be Following During Covid

With 2021 in sight, there’s a lot more hope than there was at the beginning of the year but these times are still uncertain. And still as confusing and difficult as ever. But for some people, this time of year will be even harder so here’s a list of who you should be following to make sure you’re sticking to the rules but also to see if you can lend a hand.

– Boris Johnson

Whether you watch the news, follow him on social media or see his posts retweeted by friends, the Prime Minister’s updates are usually hard to miss. It’s necessary to keep up to date with new laws and restrictions.


Not only does following the NHS on Twitter provide you with updates on the Coronavirus, but also more recently inspirational and heartwarming tweets about the brave NHS workers and the people they’re helping.

– Local news

Following your local news on Twitter can inform you just as much as the news especially if you don’t have the time to watch it everyday so you can be updated on Coronavirus in your area. Similarly you can check the government app to be sure of the tier you’re in and the rules that apply.


– Local community pages and groups

On Twitter and Facebook you can be part of community pages and groups specific to your area for updates but also to check in on people. These pages can also give you information on how local businesses are coping with the current situation so you can shop local this Christmas and help out.

– Charities

Charities need our help all year round but there’ll be many that are struggling even more at this time so by following them on social media you can be updated on little ways you can lend a hand like donations or getting involved in projects like sending cards to elderly care home residents.

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