Understanding Traineeships

Understanding Traineeships

Traineeships are a skills development programme which includes a work placement, which can appeal to anyone looking to complete an apprenticeship next or go into full time employment. This programme is designed to give 19-24 year olds the skills and experience they feel they need whilst also boosting their job application, including their CV. These can last from 6 weeks up to a year, however most traineeships last for less than 6 months.

Not only are they provided with the appropriate skills and knowledge, but also with an education and healthcare plan if necessary. Their vocational training is often sector focussed also, in order to prepare them for the industry they choose to enter. Alongside this specific training, a traineeship includes support for English, Maths and digital skills.

But traineeships can also benefit the business that employs them, not only is it funded by the government and tailored to your company, it can also give current employees the opportunity to gain training and mentoring experience. Studies show that traineeships also develop a more loyal and talented workforce than some other routes of recruitment. After the course, a trainee can progress into an apprenticeship therefore the company is able to get to know their apprentice before they’re employed.

All of this support in various sectors is offered at Oracle Training Solutions Ltd, for example:

Business Administration – Want a career as an administration / personal assistant or secretary?

The role profile of a business administration trainee would include:

  • Responding to daily customer enquiries, via telephone, email or face-to-face
  • Mailing, faxing and photocopying important documents to support management and customers
  • Working on computers to use various software tools

Customer Service – Want a career as a retail sales assistant, concierge or receptionist?

The role profile of a customer service trainee would include:

  • Meeting and greeting customers
  • Selling products in various industries
  • Stacking and displaying stock for sale

Hospitality – Want a career as a commis chef, production chef or travel agent?

The role profile of a hospitality trainee would include:

  • Cooking and preparing meals in kitchens or advising and serving front of house
  • Explaining and enforcing hygiene rules
  • Planning and assisting with the ordering of supplies and menu items

Logistics – Want a career as a warehouse assistant or trade counter assistant?

The role profile of a logistics trainee would include:

  • Organising the transportation of goods by sea, air, rail or road
  • Packaging and tracking orders
  • Organising the storage and distribution of goods and stock control

Whilst these traineeships can progress into the specific careers alongside them, the majority of the skills you’ll learn from a traineeship are transferable and could be of use in any industry. Therefore, no matter which sector you choose for a traineeship, you’d be a valuable member of any team in any industry when you start looking for an apprenticeship or full-time employment. 

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