Apprenticeship Next Steps

Apprenticeship Next Steps

At Oracle, we offer various training services; such as government funded apprenticeships, supportive traineeships and flexible, bespoke training courses in the following sectors:

Teaching and Education

Assessor / Verifier


Safeguarding & Prevent

Advice & Guidance

Customer Service

Our apprenticeship programmes can be the starting point within your career, they can allow you to progress throughout a sector or they can just be an additional qualification to diversify your abilities and skills. Whatever the purpose, they all provide value to businesses and individuals and expand your options for progression.


As apprenticeships are completed at different levels, the natural next step is to complete the next level within your sector to improve upon the qualification you’ve just achieved and explore that role even further. For example, as an alternative to University, young people often complete an apprenticeship at Level 3, therefore the next step is to complete a higher level / degree apprenticeship (aka Level 4).

Alternatively, depending on the workplace, apprentices of any age can be offered a permanent position within their place of employment upon completing their apprenticeship. This is beneficial for the employer and the employee as the apprentice will have been applying all of the skills as they learnt them to that business, and they also already understand how that particular company operates.

  • Customer Service

Within this sector, a Customer Service Practitioner (Level 2) could progress to become a Customer Service Specialist (Level 3), meaning that they are considered to be a “professional” for direct customer support and act as a referral point for dealing with complex issues which Customer Service Practitioners bring to your attention.

  • Management

Within the management sector, an apprentice could begin with a Team Leader apprenticeship (Level 3) and eventually progress towards an Operations Department Manager apprenticeship (Level 5) meaning their roles have progressed from managing a single team or project to managing and overseeing multiple teams and projects and ensuring departmental goals are met.

  • Teaching

Within the Teaching sector, a Teaching Assistant (Level 3) could progress to a Learning and Skills Teacher (Level 5) where instead of providing additional support to a class teacher, they are the class teacher – promoting a passion for learning and high expectations of all learners.

As you can see, with apprenticeships, individuals can start from the bottom of an industry and progress throughout that entire sector, exploring various roles involved and learning practical skills and knowledge that they’ll actually be able to apply to their position of employment. This also shows that when businesses take on an apprentice, they’re able to keep that apprentice and progress them through their business, learning all the particular qualities of that company so that they understand it inside out and therefore are able to work even better within it. This also applies to our many other apprenticeships in Business, Finance, Digital, Rail Engineering and Transport & Logistics.

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